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Latest News - BBAA on GBNews at 2:48:00

BBAA in the News: Samantha Renke Advocates for Accessibility on GBNews

Latest Update: BBAA Featured on GBNews at 2:48:00

Tune in to GBNews Breakfast Show on May 23rd as Samantha Renke, acclaimed author, disability activist, and fashion icon, engages in a compelling conversation with Eamon Holmes. Renke passionately champions the message of the Blue Badge Access Awards (BBAA), shedding light on the importance of accessibility and inclusivity.

Catch the insightful interview at 2:48:00, where Renke shares her perspectives on advancing accessibility efforts and promoting the BBAA mission. Don't miss this enlightening discussion that promises to inspire and empower audiences worldwide.


Samantha Renke Talks to Eamon Homes on GBNews 23rd May, Promoting our Message